Executive Summary

Electricity derived from wind energy has been stymied at 5MW capacity for the propeller driven generator (HAWT) in spite of extensive R&D to exceed that 5MW threshold.  Since it is required to increase the effective area of the wind turbine to increase its power, the diameter of the propeller blades has steadily increased to where the propeller length is limited by the strength of the propeller material. Propellers in general are characteristically dangerous and susceptible to breakage due to micro-bursts or other variations in wind density.

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Mission Statement

Markets  tend to change rapidly in the global economy effecting the needs, wants and desires of  educated buyers keeping these global markets in a state of constant flux.  It is therefore the mission of Baram America, LLC to support industries in their quest to provide quality products at reasonable prices to the global community thereby enhancing the quality of life and sustaining industry.

Solar/HAWT Facts: